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Premium Car Scratch Removal Kit

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Premium Car Scratch Removal Kit

This Kit Is A Permanent Solution To Isolated Paint Scratches!

Premium Car Scratch Removal Kit allows you to fix car scratches easily and within seconds. It’s a powerful polish that actually buffs scratches and blemishes away–without causing harm to your paint. What’s left behind is a beautiful, high-polished finish that will impress you.


  • PROFESSIONAL SCRATCH REMOVAL- Premium Car Scratch Removal Kit is designed to restore original luster and color. Its activity decomposition grind sand and filler ingredients can quickly fill and repair paint scratches. It easily removes the oxide film on the surface and stubborn dirt, paint spots, burr, and color and luster lacquer layer.
  • WIDELY USED- Works for small and deeper scratches like door handles' fingernail scratches, and scratches, slight scratches, slight Lacquer hurt, paint swirl after polishing, etc. It also can clean Asphalt, Insect corpse stain, stubborn attachments, etc.
  • FRIENDLY TO CAR PAINT- The Car Scratch Remover does not react chemically with car paint. It can repair the scratches without affecting the original car paint, and it does not contain any dyeing agent. It will never leave any other color on your car’s original paint, which means zero color difference.
  • SUITABLE FOR CARS OF ANY COLOR- The Car Scratch Remover does not pick colors. It can work on any color’s vehicle, but please make sure there is no plating crystal or paint protection film.
  • EASILY AND QUICKLY REPAIR- Just clear the scratches area, remove the dirt, wax, iron rust. Squeeze enough cream to the sponge. Use the sponge to rub the scratch until the scratches are disappeared. Then wipe the cream wax off. (For specific steps, please check the instructions.) This technology will save you lots of time & money and keep your vehicle shining and clean.


  • Material: Slop Wax
  • Foam Dimensions: 7cm x 3cm x 1.5cm
  • Ingredients: Abrasive Materials, Surface Active Agent, Filling Agent


  • 1 x Premium Car Scratch Removal Kit
  • 1 x Sponge

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