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Lavender Sleepy Aromatic Balm

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Lavender Sleepy Aromatic Balm

Lavender Sleepy Aromatic Balm give you a peaceful sleep, while stay away from addictive and dangerous sleeping pills.

Do you have trouble falling asleep from time to time? Every so often, everyone has trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep throughout the night. On those days, it’s difficult to wake up fresh and energized. Lavender Sleepy Aromatic Balm promotes healthy sleep habits that help you relax, drift off into sleep and wake up feeling fresh for the day.

Made with natural ingredients like lavender and chamomile this night cream will help give you the restful night of sleep you have been looking for.

Non-GMO, cruelty-free.


Lavender Sleepy Aromatic Balm is one of the best natural solution for insomnia, headaches, itchy skin, acne, menstrual cramps, sun spots, cold sores, wounds & nausea.

The Lavender Sleepy Aromatic Balm also functions as a muscle relaxer. It feels great when applied liberally over muscles after a long workout or a stressful day at the office.


  • Alter brain waves and reduce stress which helps with sleeping.
  • Acts as an inflammatory, so it can be used to relieves inflamed and itchy skin.
  • Lavender is antimicrobial and antibacterial. so it can be used to treat an acne flare-up or keep it at bay.
  • Lavender's texture is mild, with a fresh and elegant aroma, is recognized as calm, soothing, hypnotic plant.
  • Lavender sleep night cream suitable for the crowd: insomnia, stress, and excited people.
  • Efficacy: Relaxing, make you fall asleep naturally.
  • Our sleep cream relax, stabilize mood, improve sleep and regulate bad mood.
  • Topical sleep cream is a safe alternative to addictive and dangerous sleeping pills.


  • Just rub a little balm under nose, on forehead, on temple and other acupuncture points (shoulders, elbows, etc.). The aroma calms and relaxes, allowing for a peaceful transition in to sleep.
  • Note: The lavender sleep aromatic cream isn't a kind of sleeping drug and will not have a lethargy effect. Please use it within 12 months after opening.

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